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The role of the environment in aiding recovery from addiction

About the author

Michael van Es
Michael van Es

Michael van Es conducted his research into sober houses in 2013 as part of Massey University's requirements for obtaining a Master of Arts in Psychology, and opted to conduct his research on addictions due to its prevalence in modern society. Michael graduated with a Master of Arts with second class honours in May 2014.

Psychology is not the only field that Michael takes a keen interest in. He has over 11 years work experience, in Canada, South Africa and New Zealand, as a computer programmer and systems analyst. Michael spends much of his spare time either reading or fiddling on his computer. Indeed, this website has been coded from scratch by his own nimble fingers. None of those drag-n-drop web building tools for him, no (and, yes, this does mean that he is writing about himself in the 3rd person.) This site includes a functional knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3, as well as a basic understanding of scripts and web programming with Javascript and PHP, not to mention a creative bent for vector graphics. All images on this site are original and were created from scratch. Other examples of Michael's vector graphic artwork can be seen here.